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 Dream Fables for Transformation

Posted: July 11, 2020

Book Illustration, 2020

About: A relative asked me to illustrate their most recent book; Dream Fables for Transformation: 12 Extraordinary Dreams Mindfully Explained.


"These 12 fables, which come from real dreams, address fears and issues common to us all. But they do not leave us stuck with those issues. Through story and commentary, we are provided a change in perception which can be applied to all our relationships, including the most important one the one we have with ourselves."


You can find the book on her site here     and on Amazon.

The Project: I was given the task to illustrate the 12 characters for this book. The style wanted was folklore so I took a paper cutout approach. They are meant to portray the feeling of encountering a character in a dream. Each character has a specific story and I highly encourage everyone who is interested to purchase and read this book.

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