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Colossus Media Group Internship: Week 4 (3/15 - 3/19)

Updated: Apr 23, 2021


Colossus Media Group is a digital marketing agency located in Eatontown, NJ. They specialize in creating social media and print content such as, photography, video, web design, social media posts, flyers, posters, etc. What caught my eye about this agency is their boldness, simple designs, and friendly team that provides great service to a large variety of businesses in New Jersey.

General Learning Objectives:

1. What client-based design work is like and how to manage it.

2. How to work with a marketing team to develop multi-channel campaigns.

3. Learn more about designing for brands and learn new techniques to help stick to brand guidelines in a timely manner.



The majority of their clients are located in New Jersey and this week I got to design content for some of their clients including; Danskin Agency, LeTip Vista Center, Farros Tees, Affinity Solar, and Jersey Strong.

Danskin Agency

WHAT I DID: I created a social media post and banner that announced their partnership with TrustedPals Pet Insurance.

LeTip Vista Center

WHAT I DID: Designed social media posts based of their website aesthetics, as well as, created a mockup for their new website social media post.

Affinity Solar.

WHAT I DID: The marketing team asked for different photos in the Easter, Earth Day, Ramadan, and Arbor Day posts from last week that relate more to the holidays.

Farros Tees

WHAT I DID: The marketing team wanted me to take my previous design for shopping Toms River Schools apparel online and add a website mockup for it.

Jersey Strong

WHAT I DID: Weekly class schedule posts


For the first time, I got to communicate with the marketing team through Slack. The main purpose was to get feedback on designs and clarify what was needed.


Since it was a slow week with not a lot of work that needed to be done, my supervisor taught me some basic techniques and reminded me of shortcuts that will help with creating designs quicker in illustrator and Photoshop.


Ctrl + N = New Doc

( L ) = Ellipse tool

( E ) = Transform in Perspective

Shift + E = Eraser Tool

Shift + Ctrl + E = Repeat Previous Effect

Alt + Left = Duplicated selected object in place

Star Tool + Up Arrow = Generates more points

Selected Object + Spacebar = Drag Object


KERNING: Select text to kern then Alt + Left/Right Arrow

PEN TOOL: Make point (don't release mouse) + hold down spacebar to move point

OUTLINE OBJECT IN IMAGE: Click on image thumbnail in layer - hold control + click image in layer

ENLARGE PHOTO (Photoshop): crop tool - enlarge crop - select sides of image and drag to enlarge photo

STROKE: Hold shift + click stroke width arrow = increases 10pts at a time


Danskin Agency

(Danskin: Experimentation Work)

(Danskin: Final)

LeTip Vista Center

(LeTip Vista: Posts)

(LeTip Vista: Carousel)

Affinity Solar

(Affinity Solar: Previous Posts)

(Affinity Solar: April Updates)

Farros Tees

(Farros Tees: Previous Posts)

(Farros Tees: Combined)

Jersey Strong

(Jersey Strong: Class Schedule)

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