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Colossus Media Group Internship: Week 2 (3/1 - 3/5)

Updated: May 7, 2021


Colossus Media Group is a digital marketing agency located in Eatontown, NJ. They specialize in creating social media and print content such as, photography, video, web design, social media posts, flyers, posters, etc. What caught my eye about this agency is their boldness, simple designs, and friendly team that provides great service to a large variety of businesses in New Jersey.

General Learning Objectives:

1. What client-based design work is like and how to manage it.

2. How to work with a marketing team to develop multi-channel campaigns.

3. Learn more about designing for brands and learn new techniques to help stick to brand guidelines in a timely manner.



This past Monday (3/1) I sat in on their weekly team meeting and participated in brainstorming for March content for CMG as well as followed along with discussion of the week's to-do's. The rest of the week I worked with my supervisor to create more social media posts for some of their clients. I got stuck on one of the projects, the redesign for TheShoreBoard advertisement (as you will see below), because I didn't really know what the brand aesthetic was for them. My supervisor helped me whenever I had questions and we worked out a solution. I honestly do not like the solution because of some readability, color, and image issues but apparently this client doesn't really care about the look of their social media posts.


The majority of their clients are located in New Jersey and this week I got to design content for some of their biggest clients including; TheShoreBoard, Farro's Tees, and Jersey Strong.

Brief Overview of TheShoreBoard

TheShoreBoard is an advertising business that uses a digital billboard on a boat that displays local business ads to beachgoers on the Jersey Shore.

WHAT I DID: I took their original advertisement for their boat billboard and redesigned it to be more visually clear. I then turned that redesign into a social media carousel post.

Brief Overview of Farro's Tees

Farro's Tees is a business that specializes in customizable apparel. They are located in Toms River and Brick, New Jersey where they "offer apparel for high school, middle school and elementary school as well as spirit wear in adults and youth sizes."

WHAT I DID: I created a mockup of their new website, designed their April posts follow brand guidelines, and took last week's flyers and turned them into social media carousel posts.

Brief Overview of Jersey Strong

Jersey Strong is a well know gym with locations all over the state. Their primary goal is to match their members with the proper workouts they need and want through services such as group/studio classes and personal training.

WHAT I DID: This week I edited their daily class schedule Instagram story posts and designed their April social media posts based off of brand guidelines. The winter weather, power outage, and closing posts are my own original designs fitting the guidelines of their brand.


There is not much of a design process for the work I have been doing at CMG. I am learning a lot about how to create templates for specific posts to help get work out as quick as possible for the client to use. The trick seems to be to quickly make one or two templates for each project and just replace content. It is only the second week in this internship and the busiest part of the month has yet to come.



This week my supervisor introduced me to a new client they have. My job was to take their original advertisements and redesign them to look more visually appealing. Then I had to take that redesign and turn it into a carousel post.

(The Shore Board Original Ads: General Layout)

(The Shore Board Individual Ads Redesigned)

(The Shore Board Carousel)


This week for Farro's Tees I created a mockup for their new website design, created April social media posts for them, and took last week's flyers and turned them into social media carousel posts.

(Farro's Website Mockup)

(Farro's April Posts)

(Farro's Game Changers Carousel)

(Farro's Fashion Carousel)


This week for Jersey Strong, I edited their daily class schedule Instagram story posts for the week and designed their April social media post content.

(Jersey Strong Story Posts: Daily Classes)

(Jersey Strong April Posts + Winter Posts)

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