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Colossus Media Group Internship: Week 5 (3/22 - 3/26)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021


Colossus Media Group is a digital marketing agency located in Eatontown, NJ. They specialize in creating social media and print content such as, photography, video, web design, social media posts, flyers, posters, etc. What caught my eye about this agency is their boldness, simple designs, and friendly team that provides great service to a large variety of businesses in New Jersey.

General Learning Objectives:

1. What client-based design work is like and how to manage it.

2. How to work with a marketing team to develop multi-channel campaigns.

3. Learn more about designing for brands and learn new techniques to help stick to brand guidelines in a timely manner.



The majority of their clients are located in New Jersey and this week I got to design content for some of their clients including; Danskin Agency, Affinity Solar, Big Heart Bakery, Matthews & Nutly, Jersey Strong, Evo Upfitting, and for CMG as well.

Danskin Agency

WHAT I DID: Designed a reminder post about the tax deadline being extended to May 17.


WHAT I DID: Designed client spotlight posts and client testimonial posts.

Affinity Solar.

WHAT I DID: Designed a post for Passover. Very basic design.

Big Heart Bakery

WHAT I DID: Redesigned a logo for this new client. They wanted a logo that involved a cookie, heart, and the letter B. My logo was accepted and they are going to use it although I would've liked to spend more time on this project.

Mathews & Nutly

WHAT I DID: Designed a reminder post about the tax deadline being extended to May 17.

Jersey Strong

WHAT I DID: Weekly class schedule posts

Evo Upfitting

WHAT I DID: Started created their April social media content. They have no social media presence so I was given the opportunity to design it. The client wanted a future technology feel that was simple and clean.


Participated in the weekly brainstorming session this week. Communicated with a team member from marketing and my supervisor to get tasks done on time.


Danskin Agency

Image Order: Final, Variation 2, Variation 1

(Danskin: Tax Deadline Reminder)


(CMG Posts)

Affinity Solar

(Affinity Solar: Passover Post)

Big Heart Bakery

(Big Heart Bakery: Previous Logo + New Logo)

Jersey Strong

(Jersey Strong: Class Schedule)


The posts below were created in 3 hours with no assets from the clients. My supervisor helped find some assets for me to use while I worked on getting these to be nearly finished. They will be completed next week.

(Evo Upfitting: Carousel Post 1)

(Evo Upfitting: Carousel Post 2)

(Evo Upfitting: Other single posts)

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