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Week 10: Process Book Rough Draft

Updated: Dec 3, 2020


Here is my first draft for my process book. The direction I am going in is the aesthetics of the very first games such as pong and Atari. I like the simplicity of basic white shapes on black screens so I felt I could play with this theme as my process book. Keeping it simple, clean and to the point, giving space to display my process and work.

Overview of Book

In this rough I have added some content. I still need to play with the grid and create more hierarchy with the images and text. My main goal was to get the theme layout down and see what it looked like with content inserted into the chapters. There is no cover yet so the book starts with the title page and then goes into the table of contents which is the "Adventure" page and then provides my thesis statement, project, and project timeline. Each chapter is labeled as Levels with multiple stages within the levels. The level start pages consist of overviews of what each level will be about. Within each stage are tabs on the right for when the reader is flipping through the book. Since the titles of the spreads are on the left, I figured the reader would need some kind of title on the right since that is the first page their eyes will look at.


Some issues I need to work on include arranging the text further from the margins. They are too close right now and need more room to breathe. I need to establish a proper grid for my content and allow room for captions. The right side chapter tabs should all be vertical as that seems to be easier to read. I am also thinking of having those tabs vary in position like a moving element in a game. There are some alignment issues with my text but, again, my main focus was to establish the style and personality of the layout first. I may add a pop of subtle color to make it slightly more interesting.

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