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Week 10: Visual Research

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Gaming Magazine Layouts

The reason I have researched magazine layouts is because I want to format my process book in the style of a gaming magazine. I've highlighted the layouts of a few popular gaming magazines to get a better understanding of how I could create my process book to mimic them and relate to my project.

Retro Gamer Magazine

Retro Gamer is a magazine that covers all kinds of old school games, developers, interviews, stories, and information. They are one of the most popular gaming magazines that dedicate their content to retro gaming.

I found their magazine layout to be interesting. It's not like many other gaming magazines as each spread has it's own characteristics that relate to the topic being discussed. There is a mix of, what I like to call, "standard" layouts which are structured in common grid formats and "playful" layouts which look like they are breaking the grid a little.

PC Gamer + Game Informer Magazines

PC Gamer is a magazine that has been around for over 20 years and obviously, they cover all things PC game related. Some topics they cover are PC news, hardware, features, and events. Game Informer is a magazine that has been around since 1991 and has been helping gamers find the games they love.

I found the layout of these two magazines to be very "standard." As of what I could find, they don't seem to be as playful as the Retro Gamer magazine but show good use of grid. It's interesting to compare the three types of formats for gaming magazines though.


Criolo Game Station

by Gustavo Santos, Gabriel Almeida, Camila Abdanur


A short game created by three artists on Behance using retro bit style game design.

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