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Week 12: Additional Research


To help design my thesis project I quickly researched some inspirational visuals such as pop art, manga, and comic book spreads. I also found a Photoshop tutorial on YouTube that gave me a technique to use when manipulating images.

Pop Art

I felt pop art would be a good place to get inspiration for my comic book. I am a big fan of this genre and felt I could incorporate some aspect of this into my designs. I especially enjoy the typography in this genre, specifically in Roy Lichtenstein's work and thought his work would be the best inspiration for a comic book.

Roy Lichtenstein "WHAAM!" 1963

Roy Lichtenstein "Drowning Girl" 1963

Roy Lichtenstein "Sweet Dreams Baby" 1965


"What The Font?!" by Kuniichi Ashiya

A manga about fonts. I found the visuals and concept to be interesting. dchild=1&keywords=what+the+font&qid=1607479682&sr=8-2

The Comic Book Story of Video Games by Jonathan Hennessey

A graphic novel about the history of video games.

Photoshop Tutorial

I found this tutorial to be very useful and this was the main technique I used to create my thesis project.

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