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Week 12: Process Book 2nd Half

My Second Draft For My Thesis Process Book

This is not the final process book. Obviously there are a lot of empty pages and issues that need to be worked out in this design. What I'm trying to go for here is to give my process book the aesthetics of a classic arcade game. Meaning, black screen with very little color and the use of white with basic shapes.

Each chapter is labeled as a Level with multiple stages. At the beginning of each chapter would be a menu screen, otherwise known as the "Adventure" page. Here the chapter pages will be highlighted to indicated it has been selected by the reader. Then there is an intro scene giving an overview of the chapter and throughout each chapter this little arrow character is flying through different obstacles ultimately ending in a victorious finish at the end of Level 3.

There is much to fix in this process book and still a lot of content to insert. I hope to have a decent design by the end of this semester. One that will playful explain the important stages of this thesis project and how I came to the final outcome.

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