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Week 15: Project Final

My Finished Project

Book 1 of 3 is completed. The cover represents the main feature in the book which is the Nintendo Entertainment System's controller. The story is of a young retro gamer going about his day discovering the retro gaming community and retro gaming in general with hints that they are living in a modern gaming era. Throughout the book there is a transformation of this gamer's world in which he naturally applies himself to. Ending with him sharing the experience with a new character.

Even though this completes my thesis project for Fall Semester 2020, there are still many things I would change or fix such as; typography, panel spacing, paragraph rags, the intro and ending pages, and maybe find a new technique to manipulate the images to look like a retro game world. I would also like to create mockups of this book to visualize what it would look like sitting on a table or on a book shelf. All can be done in the near future but in the meantime, enjoy my photo-comic book!

You can view my mockup here!

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