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Updated: July 5, 2020

Autobiography Collage Box

June, 2020

About: This project is a combination concept of the collage booklets and bitmap font.


The Project: I created a short, playful autobiography and collaged it with my bitmap font and a few images that represent myself. I wanted to show who I am as a designer in this box and my love for white space. 

White space is a beautiful void filled with infinite possibilities. When collaging, my go to is to use white space because it creates great contrast and not only brings focus to the work but allows space where the eye can rest and breathe.


My soul purpose of the arrangement for the collage was to use my bitmap font as a structure that my images could live in while the lid acts as the outside world. Creating a reality vs. imagination concept. The inside of the box remains empty to allow room for new ideas to be placed inside. 

Finalized Bitmap Font
Bitmap Font

Low Resolution Font, 2020

A typography study using pixels to understand the structure of characters. This font I created is what I used in my receptacle project.

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