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Follow along the process of my thesis project for the Visual Communication Design program at Montclair State University Fall Semester 2020.



PROPOSAL - Portraying the life of modern day retro gamers in the United States
through a visual that the younger gamers can connect to and learn from.

RESEARCH- Four Categories:

     1. Who They Are: Demographics of retro gamers and 
       contemporary gamers, Their views on the culture. Where they
       socialize. Their language in conversation and the games
       themselves. The behavior of the gamers in the community.
       What games they play, where they buy games, how they
       collect, etc.

    2. History: Retro and Contemporary Gaming History
       + Console History. Where it all began, how it compares to
       modern video games.

    3. Visual: Retro Game styles, Modern Game styles, Artists, Related
        and non-related visual research.


    4. Additional: Research needed for creating the project + other research

PROJECT - Life of A Retro Gamer Comic Book + Project Process Book



Week 1 (Due Sept 2): 3 Thesis Topics
Developing 3 topics to choose from.

Week 2 (Due Sept 9): Revised Topics and Mind Maps
Picked one topic and expanded on it.

Week 3 (Due Sept 16): Thesis Proposal
First Draft of Thesis Proposal

Week 4 (Due Sept 23): Initial investigation + Plan
Beginning research and developing project timeline

Week 5 (Due Sept 30): Research: Who Are The Retro
and Contemporary Gamers? 

Finding data on both types of gamers in the U.S.

Week 6 (Due Oct 7): Research: History of Retro and Contemporary Gaming
Researching the timeline to understand the gaming communities and their influences.

Week 7 (Due Oct 14): Research, Project Ideas, Process Book Data
Researching language and behavior in the gaming communities, generating ideas for project and gather data for process book.

Week 8 (Due Oct 21): Revised Proposal + Initial Sketches + Project Ideas +  Research

Revisions of thesis proposal, sketching project idea, refining project idea, and visual research.

Week 9 (Due Oct 28): Chosen Project Idea and Refined Process Book Layout

A final decision on a project idea and more refinement on process book layout.

Week 10 (Due Nov 4): Project Sketches and Process Book First Draft

Sketches of my chosen project idea, first draft of process book with content.

Week 11 (Due Nov 11): Project Mockups

First mockups of project layout with some content.

Week 12 (Due Nov 18): Project Book 2nd Half + Further Findings

Revisions on process book and additional research.

Week 13 (Due Nov 25): Project Refinements

Continuation of developing my project. Adding the final touches.

Week 14 (Due Dec 2): Project Final

The finished project.

Week 15 (Due Dec 9): Process Book Final + Blog Updated

My finished process book and updated blog content.



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